Week beginning 10th March

Sclerder and Liskeard weekday masses subject to change - please contact to confirm.


                                             Lectionary B2

Saturday 10th Sclerder 9.0am
Torpoint 6.0pm
Sunday 11th  Saltash 9.0am
Sclerder 9.0am
Liskeard 11.0am
Monday 12th    
Tuesday 13th Saltash 11.30am
Wednesday 14th  Saltash 9.0am
Thursday 15th Torpoint 9.30am
Friday 16th Saltash 9.0am
Saturday 17th Torpoint 6.0pm
  Sclerder 9.0am
Sunday 18th Saltash 9.0am
  Sclerder 9.0am
  Liskeard 11.0am

The Sacrament of Reconciliation is celebrated after weekday Mass,

Saturdays after 9 am Mass at Sclerder and 5.30 pm at Torpoint or on request.

Liskeard News

Second Collection – There will be a second collection today for Easter flowers for the church.

Stations of the Cross – Fridays at Liskeard after Mass. Please sign up on the list if you wish to lead the Stations one week. Members of Liskeard Churches Together have been invited to join us on Thursday March 15th for Stations of the Cross.

Rosary every Friday at 6.30pm the purpose of the Rosary is to help keep in memory certain principal events or mysteries in the history of our salvation, and to thank and praise God for them. We come together to do this

every Friday and invite more of the parish to join us

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and Divine Mercy every Wednesday at 6pm, at Our Lady and Saint Neot O Lord God, grant us grace to desire you with our whole heart, that so desiring, we may seek, and seeking, find you; and so, finding you, may love you; and loving you we may hate those sins from which you have redeemed us. Saint Anselm

A Reminder that we ring the bell a few minutes before the start of our Sunday Masses. This is to help us have a still and prayerful preparation for the Mass. Please become silent when the bell rings, and keep further conversations until after Mass when refreshments are available.   


Sclerder News

Lent lunch this Friday 16th March is being hosted at Sclerder Abbey, by Val and Ed from 12 noon onwards. If you are unable to come for any reason you can always give a donation for CAFOD to them or Tessa, thank you. Thank you also for your generosity last Sunday your donations and the raffle held for the cancelled lunch at Mike and Carole’s raised more than our usual lunches.  

Saltash and Torpoint News

Buckfast Abbey Millennium Celebration We have two invites to the Mass of thanksgiving on the solemnity of Our Lady of Buckfast on Thursday 24th May followed by a buffet lunch.  If you are interested in attending please pass your names to Father Ian or Serene and two names will be picked out towards the the middle of March. 

Thank you to everyone who has expressed their gratitude for the silence we are keeping before Sunday Mass at Saltash. Remember the sounding of the bell indicates a strict period of silence to prepare our hearts and minds to meet the Saviour in Word and Sacrament. Note: we of course will expect babies and toddlers to make some noise – but grownups should be quiet for this period!

Parish email address

Please make a note of the parish's email address and the bank account for any cheques - PRCDTR Saltash Parish.

Items for the Newsletter
Please forward any items for the Newsletter to Serene Park, in writing or via email to Thank you.